ruined my dress (you have) rhinestones

spirits (all) downdrafted
to ricochet time
but won’t bounceback
who (like you) promised anarchy
before rehab

piled up high, highs to

after everything
has this inestimable nothing been
the only destination


Original Poetry by Gabrielle Lang

“Catching the Invisible”

Catching the Invisible
Fictional Short Short by Gabrielle Lang

At first, they just thought kids weren’t showing up to school, playing hookey. They kept marking us absent. Then you’d hear a voice screaming, “I’m here, I’m right here!” like a ghost was in the room. And it was like being a ghost in a room. No one could see you but you could see everything.

People treated me different after I caught the invisibility. I mean, I wasn’t the first to catch it. It’s been going around Crestwood High School like the flu usually does when the weather turns over into Fall and shit starts to die. Casey Carmichael was the first to catch it. He always had a lot of environmental allergies and got sick, like, at least once every season, I guess that made him more susceptible to it. No one was surprised Casey was out sick again, but then he actually wasn’t “out” sick at all. He was right there.

No one knows what started it really. The news says that Scientists out in California are trying to make a cure for it by testing blood samples, but I don’t see how they would know where to start. Invisible blood is hard to keep track of. The vials all look empty. And they can’t be sure that there’s anything in them, but they flick them, trying to hear the blank fluid flow and shake against the glass rims.

At first being invisible was kind of cool. I could cut class and wander the hallways when classes got boring. The teachers eventually caught on to that though and starting calling on the invisibles a lot more than anyone else just to make sure they were still in the room. The school tried issuing laminated badges for us to wear but it didn’t help any. Parents got pretty pissed about that, they kept calling the school to complain that that their kids were being singled out just because they’re sick. It was pretty funny for awhile though, all those floating nametags roaming the hallways. Then, the invisibles started switching badges for fun and it just confused the teachers even more, so that only lasted a week.

It was pretty cool to eavesdrop on a lot of good gossip too. At lunch, I would jump around from table to table and just listen in. Found out that Mariann Kinney and Jenna Ryan make out for fun sometimes and that  Matt Brown hooked up with a college-age girl last weekend. Of course, it got a bit awkward when they overheard your breathing over their shoulders.

I could show up butt naked class and no one would have any clue. At first I could pull ghosts pranks on people too, I could shake their curtains and turn on their televisions all of a sudden.  I got some of my neighbors good. But, once everyone knew about the disease, the fun was over.

Then being invisible just got annoying. People smack into you a lot. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there” they’d say, and then laugh like it was some kind of hilarious pun. I had to quit the soccer team because it wasn’t fair that no one could see me. Just a ball being kicked around itself.Someone would walk in on you taking a shit in the bathroom and sit right on your lap. Happened to me twice and once was my own mother. I guess that’s what I get for forgetting to lock shit but I’m getting adjusting to it. I tried asking Amber Nolan to homecoming but she said no because she wanted to be able to take pictures with her date. She also didn’t want to slow dance in front of everyone with just herself and her arms wrapped around an empty space. Plus, she couldn’t remember if I was cute before the invisible.

I started dousing myself in my dad’s musky cologne so that people could just smell when I’m around. “Oh, smells like Jason’s here” my friends started saying. I was beginning to think they’d forgotten me. And that’s the worst part of it, if they can’t see you, they just forget about you and move on while you’re standing right there, watching it all happen. No one could see you but you could see everything.

Original Fiction Short Story by Gabrielle Lang

I figured that I would make my post today a little different. I haven’t posted any fiction pieces of mine on here yet so here’s a short short by me, which I came up with by channeling Gabriel García Márquez’s spirit of Magical Realism.  I started to think of magical elements that could be brought to life. I thought of super powers. Why does everybody want to be invisible? Would it be the best or worst thing ever? If people can’t see you, sense your presence, do you really exist anymore? The more you think about it, the more bizarre it gets. Invisibility as a disease, treated like a disability instead of a super power? What would the human race depend on if everyone became pretty functional, yet invisible to one another? An epidemic of invisiblity. The more I think about it, the more I want to explore this idea and make this into a magical realism novel.

What are your guys thoughts on my piece? What do you think about invisibility as a disease? What do you think about this short short sample of magical realism? I’m open to any suggestions or comments.

Junk Mail Ballad (Found Poem)

It’s my pleasure to inform you,
we love serving you!
Limit one per order.

Circulate the love
over small-group lunches.
Less waste,
because we care.
Use one inhalation
twice a day.

Don’t miss your chance to
drip dry,
Coupon must be presented.

You do not need to return
unless you are making a change.


Original Poetry by Gabrielle Lang


Here’s a Found poem that I did the other day. Found poems are simply words or phrases taken from something pre-existing (like post-it notes or flyers) and compiled into a whole new poem with meaning.

Sometimes being an unorganized person comes in handy. I simply fanned out all the junk mail, handouts, and old receipts from my floor and picked out a few snidbits to configure into a poem. I think the result was actually pretty humorous, with some definite non-conformist undertones.

Tell me what you think. Or how about you, do you think you might be interested in trying a Found poem sometime? It’s actually quite satisfying. I highly suggest it, especially if you have a case of writer’s block.


I wish you’d stop walking through mirrors.

Your reflection was never
the problem.

The problem

 is the third degree burns
received upon reentry.

You want
ease that comes easy,
even a little foreboding,

far off
when normalcy felt right,
when the ecosystem
wasn’t afraid of you too.

I too have been receding some time now
and everyday I look down,
to see my toenails reflecting oracle,

painted on
just as worn passionate passion fruit
as yesterday.

So, stop creating images,
and just show me the now,
where your hip bones extend,
where your elbows bow down,
where the cavities in your chest
cave in rhythm with me.

Original Poetry written by Gabrielle Lang

A New Beginning

Though I have been neglecting you all entirely, remaining followers, I swear that I do still love you all. I’m back and it’s time to kick this shit into high gear. I’ve got the whole summer and way too much time on my hands to blog and entertain everyone or no one online. My office job, consisting mostly of locking doors when the doors need to be locked and watching Game of Thrones and Fullmetal Alchemist, provides me with an abundance of free time. I intend to actually utilize this free time to upkeep a blog worth reading. Not only to I want to input my poetry and my writing, but also reviews of, well, whatever I have feelings about, and maybe even some humorous personal snidbits. Maybe I’ll even start making gifs. Probably not, but maybe. 

So what have I been up to in all this time I’ve been away from my WordPress?

Well, to start, I went to Austria for three weeks and it was completely incredible in every possible way. Godlike men, breaktaking mountainsides, and hearty dishes galore. I could get into the details but by the time I’m done divulging details, you will have aged seven years.

Now, I am moved in to my apartment for summer in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania with two of my best friends. I’ve been here approximately three weeks and the entire experience thus far has been completely interesting. My same college town with no students left is an entirely unique experience to me. It’s like staying in a whole different town even though I’ve been here for three years now. I have to make all new connections, all new routines. I’m learning how to buy and make my own food, I’m learning how to manage a household, I’m learning to live like an adult, finally. I have been slowly but surely getting to know more and more townspeople (mostly the bartenders), along with the few remaining students who live in town. It’s all just really fascinating and new, but I really love being here. The freedom is unbeatable of finally being on my own, even if it’s only for a little while. 

Dear Friends,

Hey, I know I haven’t posted a damn thing in a long time, so I figured I’d make an appearance.

Believe it or not, I’m leaving for Austria in a few more weeks to fulfill a three-week cultural experience program! Oh, and I just can’t wait to take on the rest of the world! I spend each day daydreaming about all my outfits in my head so that the Europeans think that I’m classy and respectable even though I’m an American. And don’t get me started about my daydreams about the sharply dressed Austrian men. Oh, I can almost taste them…

Then, once I get back, I’ll be living with my two best friends in our own place for the summer. I’ll be working as a librarian, life guarding, and an events’ coordinator, so I’ll be making a good bit of money. Not to mention, I get to live right by the Susquehanna River, for my daily swimming, fishing, and relaxing pleasures. It’s going to be absolutely lovely and I cannot wait until I get a peaceful life on my own. I get to pretend to be a real person for a summer and it sounds like a true dream.


Keep Your Diamonds, We Want Love; A Reinterpreation of Martial Tradition

 I do not want a wedding ring with a diamond. I do not want to be proposed to by a ring with a rock. In fact, I don’t want any fancy, expensive rings at all. I would prefer no ring at all.

Am I undermining martial tradition with my modern notions? Yes, yes I am.

What are rings? When you really consider it, you realize that they are complete useless waste of money. When you disregard the structure of tradition and norms, these jewelery items filled with expensive precious gems and metals are inherently and totally useless.

People spend thousands of dollars into complete bullshit “traditions” that only contribute to the jewelry i industry and the gruesome hunt for blood diamonds. Real gold, diamonds, silver, and other precious gems serve absolutely no purpose. These adored precious gems and metals are mere luxury. And why? To show how much one and other cares for each other? But, if you’re getting married, shouldn’t you already know how much you love each other? Should your relationship really be reduced to a ring that does nothing but sit on your finger? Who ever said you needed to buy your significant other a ring in order to marry? Despite popular belief, that is not in the martial rule book. Tradition, people, you are being influenced by senseless tradition.

Not to mention, what a waste of good money for some senseless tradition. Practically, buying a hotdog is more useful than buying a diamond ring. At least you can eat a hotdog, at least that serves some purpose. That money is completely wasted and could be better used on necessities rather than luxury. Rings and gems and all that fancy jewelry only sit there on your body, in the hopes that someone will ask “Hey, is that a real diamond”. And you will say “Yes”. And that will be all. That’s what people waste thousands of dollars on; a confirmation that “yes, my significant other spent a lot of money on me”. No one cares that you have a diamond or don’t. No one is losing sleep over whether or not you have a ring. No one is keeping track of the connection between the ring and your relationship. Despite popular belief, how much someone loves you and how much someone spends on you are not synonymous. Diamonds do not measure love. So, why the hell do people care?

The fervor of one’s relationship doesn’t have to be reinforced by spending money. Couples should know their passion themselves.

So don’t buy me a diamond ring. (And men, I mean this, don’t think I’m trying to be elusive or something because I’m not). Personally, I don’t care about precious stones and metals. Let the others waste their money. Propose with a handpicked flower, propose with a RingPop, propose with nothing for god sake, just ask the question and that is enough for me. Don’t waste your money on something expensive to represent your care for me. I will know myself how much we care for each other.


My Life In Selfies

The beginning of 2014...

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I thought it might be funny to provide my loving followers with a selfie diary that sums up my life in the first couple months of 2014. Don’t worry, I weeded out all the ugly, pointless, boring, and overly drunken … Continue reading