Junk Mail Ballad (Found Poem)

It’s my pleasure to inform you,
we love serving you!
Limit one per order.

Circulate the love
over small-group lunches.
Less waste,
because we care.
Use one inhalation
twice a day.

Don’t miss your chance to
drip dry,
Coupon must be presented.

You do not need to return
unless you are making a change.


Original Poetry by Gabrielle Lang


Here’s a Found poem that I did the other day. Found poems are simply words or phrases taken from something pre-existing (like post-it notes or flyers) and compiled into a whole new poem with meaning.

Sometimes being an unorganized person comes in handy. I simply fanned out all the junk mail, handouts, and old receipts from my floor and picked out a few snidbits to configure into a poem. I think the result was actually pretty humorous, with some definite non-conformist undertones.

Tell me what you think. Or how about you, do you think you might be interested in trying a Found poem sometime? It’s actually quite satisfying. I highly suggest it, especially if you have a case of writer’s block.


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